Simon Hunziker -

Founder / CEO

Simon shapes the future with his innovative ideas, creative approaches to projects and a lot of passion. He is a graduated engineer - with versatile skills in media technology, motion graphics and visual effects.

In summer, you often see him in the Swiss mountains for hiking or mountain biking.

He speaks fluently in English, French and Italian.


Roman Hunziker -

Marketing and Project Management

Roman is an experienced marketing and project manager. In the leisure time you'll see him often in the mountains for paragliding.


Ruedi Zimmermann -

Motion Design & ICT

Ruedi's strengths are animations and motion visual effects, sounds and stories. The combination of all these is his great passion! Further specialties are game design and motion tracking applications.

Motion Design

Anina's goal is to inform, entertain, surprise and show things from a fresh perspective. Her skills and strengths are animation, motion design, video, graphic design and storytelling.

Mirjam Brügger -


Mirjam is responsible for the the accounting department and keeps the overview of our numbers.

Beat Hadorn -


Beat is a highly-experienced technical specialist and adds a lot of value to our company. His enthousiasm for creative-technical this alsmost limitless.

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