Videowall Indoor
Videowall Indoor

The user-friendly Videowall software "Userful" is a versatile solution for the deployment, management and scaling of any type of videowall.

Versatile video wall softwareVielseitige Videowall-Software

The demands on a videowall are high - the ideas have no limits. We design and install videowalls in any size and even with interactivity.

Are you looking for an easy-to-use solution with high flexibility? We offer a wide range of applications:

  Static content
  Interactive surfaces
  Attractive artistic content
  Digital Signage solutions

Use a standard PC Videowall Hardware unabhängig

Userful does not rely on proprietary hardware and gives you the ultimate freedom in design. Every configuration grid, every display brand, resolutions up to 8K in 60 fps and up to 100 displays.

  Use of standard PC reduces cost and complexity
  User-friendly, stable operation and browser-controlled videowall software
  Userful provides all the high-end features for performance and flexibility to an affordable price

Userful uses a standard PC and a network with Zero Client devices connected via a standard Gigabit Ethernet network.

Videowall in the office for management and dashboardsVideowall Management

A videowall gives your company the flexibility to view multiple dashboards at the same time. This allows individuals or small groups to keep track of multiple dashboards when needed. Multiple offices can display different dashboards and display a consistent set of enterprise-wide information.

  Central control of several displays
  Customizable dashboards for your needs


Layout and various applicationsVideowall Anwendungsbereiche

Arrange the displays in standard grid or artistic formats. Rotate individual displays to any rotation angle to create unique layouts. Almost unlimited content inputs from different sources:

  Local CMS player
  CMS for videowall
  Interactive desktop or full-screen browser
  Multiple HDMI or SDI capture cards integrable

Added value through flexible configuration optionsVideowall Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten

Zones, multi-windows, and picture-in-picture give the customer flexibility in how and where multiple sources are displayed. With the Userful Videowall software, display mapping and configuration can be done quickly and easily. Content can be easily changed with a smartphone or tablet.

  Scalable up to 8K source content on over 100 screens per videowall
  Display content from multiple real-time sources
  API integration with third-party applications
  Integration of external digital signage systems is distribution partner of Userful and responsible for technical integration, support and distribution in Switzerland and Germany.



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