Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

Animations & Effects for video mappings
Animations & Effects for video mappings

We offer a wide range of creative solutions, including concept design, 2D+3D compositions, motion effects and animations for projection mapping.

Motion GraphicsMotion-Graphic-Animation-Metro

We create motion graphics and visual effects for animated content. With moving animations on objects and buildings (3D video mapping) the virtual reality opens up and creates unforgettable experiences.

2D/3D visualizations open up new possibilities for project plannings and sales. Photorealistic representations of rooms and products allow an exact planning and inspire your customers. Architectural visualizations are far superior to technical drawings in terms of level of detail and expressiveness.


Visualizations und visual communication


Our creative and dynamic team creates individual solutions in 2D and 3D for you. Our offer ranges from simple style pictures to virtual worlds, to project visualizations up to 360 ° panoramas.

  2D and 3D design visualizations
  360° panoramas
  Virtual apartment tours
  sales documentation
  project visualizations


Our services to you

  2D and 3D animations based on a storyboard
  Audio designs like jingles, sounds, background sounds, etc.
  Design and realization of sound installations, electronic game interfaces and interactive audio applications


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