Interactive Projection

interaktive Projektion
interaktive Projektion

Allow interactions between people and animations projected on floors, walls and other surfaces. The system detects a person's movements and presence in the projection area.


Interactive floor projection

Interactive projections with creative elements respond to people's movements, transforming each surface into interactive content for playing, learning and eintertaining. We offer interactive floor projections for different areas:

  Eyecatcher for events and fairs
  As a playground in adventure worlds and shopping centers
  Infotainment surface in museums and exhibitions
  Entertainment areas in waiting zones and recreational facilities


Interactive Wall projectioninteractive wall projection

Effective marketing even after closing time - interactive wall projections that respond to non-contact movements of your customers. Communicate expressive advertising messages directly at the POS or at your event. Enable your audience with different content:

  Living walls for your advertising messages
  Content tailored to your customers and season
  Animations and effects adapted to your CICD
  Wall Memory, Wipe & Discover, Activating Aquarium, etc.

Interactive gamesInteractive Games - soccer

An interactive highlight for your event or exhibition stand. Interactive games are an ideal tool to activate customers interests. An activating medium that convinces through its simplicity. Also ideal for games with groups.

  Ice hockey
  Motor race

We develop, program and build interactive systems that are configured and tuned to your needs. There is a wide range of application areas, such as promotion and communication, we are happy to advise you about various options and options.

brochure interactive projectionsbrochure interactive projection



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